Yinka Ayefele Biography: Age, Education, Networth, Family

Yinka Ayefele Biography: Age, Music Career, Education, Family etc.

Yinka Ayefele, MON, is a Nigerian music producer and gospel singer. Made music videos from 1999 to the present. Marketed and distributed by Alloy Production 1999–2010 and Galaxy Music 2009–2019 Now currently in Role Model Entertainment.

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Basic Information About Yinka Ayefele

  • Name: Olayinka Joel Ayefele
  • Date of birth: 1st February 1968
  • State of Origin/ Place of Birth: Ipoti, Ekiti State
  • Career: Music Producer, Gospel Singer & Songwriter
  • Networth: $8 million
  • Nickname: Ayefele

Yinka Ayefele Education

In his early years, Yinka Ayefele had his primary education at Our Saviour’s Anglican Primary School, Ipoti-Ekiti. His secondary education was also in Ekiti State. Upon conclusion of his secondary education, Yinka Ayefele proceeded to Ondo State College of Arts and Science, Ikare Akoko in Ondo State for his tertiary education.

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Yinka Ayefele Music

He began his music career in 1997 after he was involved in an automobile accident which damaged his spinal cord and confined him to a wheelchair. While in the hospital after spending about 9 months, his friend, Kola Olawuyi visited and advised him to put some songs together. This suggestion resulted in the release of his debut album titled, Bitter Experience in 1998 which brought him into the limelight.

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The release of Bitter experience was followed by the release of Sweet Experience. Other albums released by the gospel musician are Something Else, Divine Intervention, and Life after death, released in honor of Gbenga Adeboye a Nigerian radio presenter, musician, and comedian. The title Bitter Experience reflected his ordeal and Sweet Experience was the sweetness after a “Bitter Experience”.

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Yinka Ayefele Family

TY Bello married Kashetu Bello in 2009. The couple gave birth to twin boys named Christian and Christopher on 10 October 2014, which coincidentally marked the release of The Morning Songbook. Ayefele and his wife, Tope, welcomed in a set of triplets, 2 boys and 1 girl on January 18, 2019, at Holy Cross Hospital in the USA

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Yinka Ayefele Networth

Yinka Ayefele is one of Nigeria’s gospel singers and he is worth $8 million this 2020 after his Music House, which has in it a radio station Fresh FM and a studio, was on August 19, 2018, demolished by the Oyo State Government, stating that the property’s location contravenes the stipulations by the town planning authority.
This sparked outrage from fans and sympathizers in Ibadan, and host of others criticizing the government’s action. According to the musician, the property worth N800 million.

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Yinka Ayefele Songs & Albums

  • Bitter Experience (1997)
  • Sweet Experience (1999)
  • Something Else (2000)
  • Divine Intervention (2001)
  • Fun Fair (2002)
  • Life after Death (2003)
  • Aspiration (2003)
  • Fulfilment (2004)
  • New Dawn (2005)
  • Next Level (2006)
  • Gratitude (2007)
  • Absolute Praise (2008)
  • Transformation (2009)
  • Everlasting Grace (2010)
  • Prayer Point (2011)
  • Goodness Of God (2012)
  • Comforter (2013)
  • Overcomer (2014)
  • Upliftment (2015)
  • Fresh Glory (2016)
  • Living Testimony (2017)
  • Favour (2018)
  • Beyond The Limits (2019)
  • and many more

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