Ayeloyun Biography: Age, Networth, Family Background, Music Style

Qamardeen Yusuf Odunlami Full Biography, Networth, Music Life & Family

Qamardeen Yusuf Odunlami, artistically called Ayeloyun also popularly known as Baba-Iyawo, who is widely popular among the Islamic music industry. She even earned the name “Baba Iyawo”, as well as many other different names.

Basic information about Qamardeen Yusuf Odunlami

  • Name: Qamardeen Yusuf Odunlami
  • Date of birth: August 27, 1973
  • State of Origin: Ilorin, Kwara
  • Place of BIrth: Lagos State
  • Career:  Islamic Singer and Song producer
  • Networth:  ?260 Million+
  • Nickname: Ayeloyun & Baba-Iyawo

saheed osupa

Music Career

Ayeloyun started his music professionally as a youth. His first album was titled TAQWALLAH, but the Album that brought into the limelight is IGBEYAWO, though people thought that was his first album actually, it was his Ninth album and it was released in 2003. As time goes on, he released over 40 albums. Since 1992 to date, Qamardeen Yusuf Odunlami is artistically known as Ayeloyun also popularly known as Baba-Iyawo.

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Ayeloyun Education

Record as shown, Ayeloyun was given admission to study Sharia and Common Law at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State in 2006, his first year was good, but along the line, his parents gave him the option to choose between Education or Music, which he eventually dropped being a Lawyer to Music.

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Ayeloyun Music Life/ Music Style

Ayeloyun as a person never thought of being a musician, it just happened that he found himself inside the music, he naturally used to be a shy person.
see below for his quote

I never thought of being a musician. But it just happened. Naturally, I am shy. Off stage, I am a different person. Even when we were still in Markaz, my mates knew I was shy. In fact, when they told my parents that I was singing, they said it was not possible. My father, in particular, said I couldn’t because I was even too shy to engage him in discussions most of the time. So, nobody really believed I could face a crowd.

Ayeloyun started his musical career at age 19, mostly at Arabic class, it all started one night in a gathering called “Lailatul- Quadry” where he ministered music for his fellow youths. He took his music career more seriously so as to tackle Religious Colouration in Islam, to stop religious violence, and put peace in Nigeria as a whole. He wanted Nigeria’s name to be written in Gold.

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Ayeloyun Net Worth

In order to boost his popularity and Financial life, Ayeloyun brought up the idea of marking a day called “Ayelodun Day” over the years, ‘Ayeloyun Day’ was observed and celebrated, attended by popular Nollywood actor/actress, well known International Cleric all over Africa, etc.
From his thriving sale of albums and the continuous shows he partakes in, Ayeloyun has been estimated to be currently worth over ?260 million.

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Ayeloyun Family





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