Oke Mimo Side B – Baba Ara

Just incase you don’t know, Baba Ara is one of the most sort after Yoruba Gospel Musicians Yoruba land ever produced.

It was revealed that his death in 2004 shocked a lot of people especially as his musical works  just started to gain popularity among the Cherubim Faithfuls.

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Well, because FujiNaija is dedicated to preserving the beautiful Fuji Works of past and present legend, we’re today, making a few of Baba Ara’s Musical works available to all those that miss and love him.

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Oke Mimo is one of the several works ever done by Baba Ara, it’s a 4 Part CD with a lot of inspirational message for everyone.

Oke Mimo Album by Baba Ara is now Available for download here on Fujinaija.

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Download, Stream Oke Mimo Side B By Baba Ara below!

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