Oke Mimo – Baba Ara Side C

Just incase you don’t know, Baba Ara is one of the most sort after Yoruba Gospel Musicians Yoruba land ever produced.


It was revealed that his death in 2004 shocked a lot of people especially as his musical works  just started to gain popularity among the Cherubim Faithfuls.

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Well, because FujiNaija is dedicated to preserving the beautiful Fuji Works of past and present legend, we’re today, making a few of Baba Ara’s Musical works available to all those that miss and love him.

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Oke Mimo is one of the several works ever done by Baba Ara, it’s a 4 Part CD with a lot of inspirational message for everyone.


Oke Mimo Album by Baba Ara is now Available for download here on Fujinaija.

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Download, Stream Oke Mimo Side C By Baba Ara below!


Download Side C Now

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