What Does it Cost to Hire Cruise Ship Injury Attorney?

If you get injured on a cruise ship, it is your right to receive compensation from the cruise line. To receive the compensation, you need to hire the service of a cruise ship attorney so you can sue the cruise line involved. The attorney should be experienced in cruise ship and maritime laws.


However, before you hire a cruise ship injury Attorney and sue a cruise line, you should find out if you have the financial ability to do so. The process of filing a lawsuit against a cruise line might involve a lot of money, which could be unaffordable for the victim.


There are many victims who give up along the way after hearing of the fees they need to pay lawyers to file claims against cruise lines. Unfortunately, this should not be so, as you should prioritize your right, irrespective of the amount you will be required to pay.


Some might ask, why should you hire an injury lawyer in the first place? Trust me; you will definitely need an experienced cruise ship injury attorney to help you file a claim and get a settlement on time. There are many other reasons you should hire a lawyer; let’s find out what they are.


Why should you hire a Cruise Ship Injury Attorney?


You need the services of a cruise ship injury lawyer more than you can ever imagine. Just like any other personal injury, you will need to file a lawsuit before you can receive compensation. Basically, you cannot file this lawsuit without an experienced lawyer.

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The purpose of the lawsuit is to fix a meeting date with you and the cruise line in court. A judge will be present to consider the evidence on the ground and give a verdict on whether compensation should be given and how much settlement should be involved.


Only an experienced cruise ship injury lawyer will be able to tell if your claim is valid or not. Filing an invalid claim will only get your lawsuit rejected, and you won’t receive compensation for the damage done to you or a family member. I’m confident you don’t want such a scenario, so you should hire a lawyer.


In some cases, settlements are made out of court. After hiring a lawyer, they will obtain the necessary information and reach out to the cruise line first before filing a lawsuit. The cruise line might decide to settle the victim or meet with them in court.


Whichever way, you need the help of an attorney as a victim. Also, an attorney will help you receive compensation quickly and know which options are best for you. You should not settle for less, but you might even be unable to identify this without the help of a cruise ship injury lawyer.


How much will it cost to hire a Cruise Ship Injury Attorney?


To some, hiring a cruise ship injury attorney is expensive, while, to many, no amount is enough to protect your human right. The latter is very true, as long as the compensation you are working towards will take care of your injuries and expenses in the long run.

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Cruise ship injury lawyers only charge a percentage of your compensation as their fees and not a fixed charge. The amount an attorney or law firm will charge for a cruise ship injury case will depend on several factors, which I will discuss later.


For now, let’s find out how much law firms charge on average in some cities in the United States.


Washington D.C – 28% of the settlement

San Francisco – 24% of the settlement

New York – 25% of the settlement

Seattle – 23% of the settlement

Alabama – 24% of the settlement


As I mentioned earlier, these firms and attorneys will only charge you a percentage of your settlement. They charge the highest in Washington and New York because of increased economic activities in these places.


Factors affecting the cost of Cruise Ship Attorney Fees


The amount of compensation you will receive will determine how much you will pay for attorney fees. This is the first factor that affects the cost of attorney fees. As I mentioned, cruise ship injury lawyers will only take a percentage of the total amount you receive as compensation.


Another factor that will affect the amount you pay for attorney fees is the nature of the injury. In some cases, the injury could be extreme and will therefore require increased medical attention and expenses. In the scenario where death is involved, compensation has to be made to their family.

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Another factor that affects attorney fees is your location. This includes the location of the incident and the location where you are hiring a lawyer. Maritime laws differ with respect to location, explaining why a lawyer thriving in Seattle will not thrive equally at California.


When do I have to pay for Cruise Ship attorney services?


Did you know that you can hire a lawyer to help you file a claim without making any payment? Yes, you can! Attorneys and law firms that specialize in cruise ship injury cases will only request their percentage after you have received your settlement.


For example, if you are to receive a settlement of a million dollars, your law firm will only ask for payment when you have been duly compensated by the cruise line in question. However, some law firms do not follow this principle.


Conclusion: How much Does it cost to Hire a Cruise Ship Attorney?


From this, you can also see for yourself that cruise ship injury lawyer fees are not as expensive as you think it is. Since you will only be required to pay them off after receiving your percentage, then it is fair enough for both parties.


However, you should make thorough enquiries before hiring a lawyer for your cruise ship injury case. Some attorneys charge ridiculously, and clients do not see these charges in most cases. In short, you should avoid attorneys who charge over 40% of your compensation.


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