How to Apply for Nigerian International Passport Quickly

This is a guide on how to get your International Passport within 6 Weeks. FujiNaija Research team has seen a lot of complaints about the difficulty experienced by Nigerians who try to obtain an international passport to facilitate their travel plans, has decided to bring this secret to the public as we believe it’ll help everyone in that process obtain theirs with ease.

Steps to Obtain Nigerian International Passport Quickly

Assuming you need this International Passport for travel and your travel isn’t that emergency or there are still some 6 months to your travel Date, then this would be the right page for you. We will highlight everything you’d need to know about obtaining your Nigerian International Passport in Nigeria within 6 Weeks.

The first step is to pay some NGN26,000 via the online portal of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS). 9f course, doing this requires that you first register on the website with your correct details and Information.

STEP 1: Register Online At Nigeria Immigration Services Portal

Visit the International Passport registration portal, fill in the required details and continue.  

Because you’re a Nigerian, living in the country and applying from Nigeria, it is advisable to click on “Passport Application from within Nigeria”

N.B The standard passport (sometimes appears as a standard e-passport) is for regular citizens, while the official passport is for government officials & diplomats.

Fill in your details

This includes your name, Date of Birth, Etc

Contact details

Details that can help to locate you;

Phone number, email address, 

and next of kin details.

Remember you’ll need your National Identification Number issued by NIMC for your application to be successful.

Doing this will generate an ‘Application ID’ and ‘Reference Number’ for you.

STEP 2: Pay online for International Passport 

 After successfully entering your details, contact, and next of kin details as described above, you’re issued an Application ID

With the application ID, you’re to proceed with payment. This payment is towards the issuance of your international passport.

The amount you pay for a new international passport depends on the type of passport you’re applying for.

Price of Different International Passports in Nigeria 

 32 pages/5yrs – 25,000 – Valid for 5 years, the passport comprises 32 pages only.

64 pages/5yrs – 35,000 – Valid for 5 years having 64 pages. This is a better option if you intend to travel to more countries within the 5 years but if you intend to travel to just a few countries, especially countries that don’t require you to stamp in, free visa countries and remain there for a few years, then you’re better off with the first option above.

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64 pages/10yrs – 70,000

The 2nd type of 64-page Nigerian international passport is valid for 10 years. This saves you the stress of repeating the application process after 5 years. And the 64-page passport is more expensive also.

There are also charges for online payment charge

STEP 3: Gather your documents.

 Here are the documents you will need:

1. Letter of Identification signed and issued from L.G/State of Origin. This you can obtain by first visiting your local government council, requesting Local government of Identification

2. NIN (They said or NIN, me I sha submitted both)

 As mentioned above, your NIN is an advanced Identified number issued to every Nigerian. It is created to help identify you as a Nigerian, on the national identity database. So it’ll be very right to present your NIN when applying for a Nigerian international passport.

3. Passport Application Form (You will see an option to print the form you filled out online). It is in your best interest to print, fill and carry this international passport application form along the day you go for capturing.

4. Passport Photograph

 This is a little photograph that you’re required to attach to the form in (3) above. Have some extra copies with you when going for capturing.

5. Guarantor’s Form signed by the commissioner of oath. (Link to form below)

Don’t let big English scare you. Print the guarantor’s form, and find an eligible person to sign, then go to court. A guarantor could be your mum, father, siblings, or anyone that has a valid means of identification. He or she signs this form and then you take same to the court where it’ll be signed by a legal practitioner and documented (This is sometimes done at the capturing center at a small fee)

An eligible guarantor is one with an International Passport. 

Don’t let the word ‘court’ scare you either.

Go to a high court, and ask how you can get a commissioner for oaths stamp (less than 1k)

Or pay one of the people doing the affidavit to process it for you (about 1500 or 2k).

6. Acknowledgement slip & evidence of payment (from the site). This you’re required to print after paying the specified amount meant for the choice of international passport you opted for. Remember to also attach the proof of online payment

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7. Birth Certificate (If your DOB is from Dec 1992) But it’s not heavy to carry. This validates the date of birth you filled out while submitting the online form. Carry it along as the capturing officer would need it to be sure your entries are valid.

 You are to go with both the originals and photocopy of your documents. They will see the original, return it to you, and keep the photocopy.

In case you do not have your birth certificate, an age declaration affidavit can suffice. Just ensure it is signed in a court of law by a lawyer.

Please Note: You are required to carry along your name change certificate, the national newspaper where it was published if you are married and want your husband’s name on your international passport.

STEP 4: Go to the office for submission and capturing.

 After registration and payment as described in the steps above, the next thing is your appointment date. This is a date when you visit any International Passport office close to your location so your Details can be captured, and validated with what you have online, and then your passport issuance process commences.

Please understand that the capturing is a very important step in your application for a Nigerian international passport as it is the only means for you to submit your biometrics (Fingerprints which are required to validate you as the owner of the international passport at any point of entry)

Important Tips to Make your Capturing Effective

1. Don’t wear white: You will be captured against a white background. Wearing a white shirt would make it a little hard to identify you after your passport issuance. So you’d want to ensure a black suit with a white inner shirt is worn.

2. No colored hair: You will be asked about your hair color during registration, let your hair be as close to that color as possible. I’d always loved my black hair. This way, I’ll have no reason to start explaining when I get to any port of entry.

3. No dropping earrings (I think it’s because of the shadow) it is not appropriate to wear dropping earnings as they might cast distorting shadows on your skin


 Bonus tip: Don’t wear off the shoulder. It might look like you wore nothing during the capturing process of your international passport. You don’t want to end up looking like some fugitive when an immigration officer.

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Also, if you wear contacts, remove them and stick to your natural eye color for the capturing. I do not think people wear eyeglasses for passport photographs, don’t do the same when capturing your international passport.

STEP 5: Collection of International Passport

After capturing, your watch officially begins. In most Passport offices, you’re issued a tag. This is like a password with your initials and application number aimed at making it easy to locate your passport once it is ready for pick-up.

It is also possible that you receive an SMS when your international passport is ready for pick-up. But in most cases, this message might not come at all. So you’ll need to keep checking from the 3rd week as it takes lesser time sometimes, especially in states where the number of the submitted application is very small.

Between December when I got mine, and February when the above-mentioned friend got hers, I noticed some improvement in the process.

How to get your International Passport Quickly

 This is very possible but very rare in most cases. Because of the kind of society we find ourselves in, we realize some unscrupulous immigration officers can issue an international passport instantly provided the applicant is willing to pay double or 3x the original amount required for it.

This has, however, made it almost difficult for those who paid the normal amount to obtain their International Passport within 4 – 6 Weeks as the high ranking officer would rather profit themselves than serve the public honestly.

 Based on this, if you know you have a reliable immigration officer that can facilitate the processing of your passport within a 24/48hrs period, use your discretion and ensure the passport issued is original. Also, understand that such actions might be frowned at by the law as culprits could be punished by their superior officers.

Conclusion: How to Apply for Nigerian International Passport and get it Quickly

 Having read through this post, it is assumed that you’ve had a very clear understanding of all that’s required to help you obtain a Nigerian international passport without stress. Aside from the normal process which takes 4 – 6 Weeks, we also made it clear that you could get your passport within a shorter time if the number of applications is very small.

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