Best Oraimo Earpiece for Listening to Music

For quite some time now, I have watched a lot of phone accessories shops sell a certain brand of earpiece to different customers and one thing about these customers is that they often feel happy receiving these products and so the FujiNaija team had to investigate this brand of an earpiece and why everyone seems to be loving about it. What is the best Oraimo earpiece for listening to music? You will find them on this page today.
Best Oraimo Earpiece
Listening to music is one of the things that keeps us going through our daily hustles. Meanwhile, music serves different purposes for different people.
But in a situation where you want to listen to music alone and also be in your world of music, the best bet is to get an earpiece.
Today, earpieces are produced by different brands including Samsung, Apple, LG, among others. 
However, we are only concerned about a particular brand of earpiece which is the Oraimo brand.

About Oraimo

Before diving further into the list of the best Oraimo Earpiece for music, let me introduce the Oraimo brand here for the sake of people that may be hearing about them for the first time.
Oraimo is a tech brand dedicated to the production of various smart accessories. The brand started in Honk Kong in 2013 and has spread to over 50 countries. It has grown to become very popular in Nigeria and other African countries.
According to a report from Vanguardngr, they hit a milestone of 100 million sales worldwide. 
Meanwhile, the fact that the Nigerian Afropop legend 2baba is their brand ambassador created more awareness to music lovers in the country.
Also, the artist’s partnership with the brand birthed the 2baba FreePods 2 wireless earpiece.

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How good are the Oraimo Earpiece Products?

One of the best ways to get an honest review about a particular product or brand is by reading what customers are saying about them.
So our team, aside from purchasing different models of Oraimo earpiece for team members also checked across some online stores as well as forums to see what users are saying about the Oraimo earpiece product.
From the data gathered so far, the Oraimo earpiece has been commended for its lasting battery life, sound quality, affordability, and design.
Also, most of their products come with a one-year warranty.
So, judging from the overall review of the Oraimo earpiece, we put them on an average scale but not bad at all.

Best Place to Find Oraimo Earpiece for Music

In this section, this section, we will be looking at someplace where you can buy the best Oraimo earpiece for music;

  • Jumia

Jumia is undeniably the most popular e-commerce store in Nigeria today. This platform is was established in May 2012 and has experienced exponential growth ever since.
Jumia is so popular that it was identified by Amazon Alexa as the most visited e-commerce website in Nigeria. They literarily have all the categories of physical products just like Amazon.
Therefore, Jumia is one of the best places to buy Oraimo earpiece for listening to music.

  • Konga

Konga operation is very similar to Jumia, and it is a good place to order the best Oraimo earpiece for listening to your favorite music.
Konga too is Nigeria-based where it has large warehouses across the state in the county. Some of these states include; Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja.
Aside from earpieces, you can get other products as it allows small business too to showcase their products.

  • Oraimo Shops
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From the list of places to buy Oraimo earpiece listed in this article, this seems to be the most reliable and trusted.
The Oraimo brand has a lot of vendors across the major cities in Nigeria including; Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Port Harcourt, among others.
To get access to the nearest Oraimo shops to you, you can utilize Google Maps.

  • Dealer Shops

There are a lot of people in the country that are dealers in the earpiece and other gadget accessories. All you need to do is to approach a trusted one. 
In other to get the right dealer, you may ask your colleagues if they know anyone that they can vouch for.
So, you should also consider dealer shops to get the best oraimo earpiece for listening to music.

List of Best Oraimo Earpiece for listening to Music

So, let’s look at some of the best Oraimo earpiece for music. The products in this section have good star ratings plus positive reviews for customers.

  • Oraimo Elite Single Ear Bluetooth Earpiece With 300 Hours Standby – ? 6,800
  • Oraimo OEB-E34S Single Ear Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece – ? 5,800
  • Oraimo Elite Single Ear Bluetooth Earpiece With 300 Hours Standby – ? 7,000
  • Oraimo Single Ear Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece – N9,000
  • Oraimo OEB-E92D True Wireless IN-Ear Stereo Bass Earpiece – ? 13,500
  • Oraimo Single Ear Bluetooth Earpiece With 300 Hours Standby – ? 6,750
  • Oraimo Solid Single Ear Bluetooth Earpiece With 300 Hours Standby – ? 6,700
  • Oraimo Elite Single Ear Bluetooth Earpiece With 300 Hours Standby – N14,000
  • Oraimo FreePods-2 2Baba-version True Stereo Earbuds Wireless – N13,900
  • Oraimo Earbuds-2S Super Bass Wireless Stereo SOUND Earbuds – ? 15,990
  • Oraimo FreePods-3 2Baba Edition BT 5.2 Wireless Stereo Earbuds – ? 16,500
  • Oraimo OEB-E98DN FreePods-2S Half In-Ear True Wireless Earbud – N20,000
  • Oraimo FreePods-2 2Baba-Version True Wireless Stereo Earbud – N14,500
  • Oraimo True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds- Freepods 2 – N13,990
  • Oraimo FreePods-2 2Baba-Version True Wireless Stereo Earbud-white – N12,900
  • Oraimo \Conch In-Ear Wired Earphones With Mic – N2500
  • Oraimo H85D 2 In 1 Smart Headphone Premium Sound – Black – N17,450
  • Oraimo FreePods-2 2Baba-Version Wireless Stereo Bass Earbud-white – N15,990
  • Oraimo Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earphone OEB-E59D –Black – N8,900
  • Oraimo FreePod-2S Half In-Ear True Wireless Stereo Earbud – N20,999
  • Oraimo OEB-E94D True Wireless Stereo Freepods 2 (2 Baba Version) – N13,800
  • Oraimo AirBuds2S Super Bass True Wireless Stereo Earbuds–2021 LE – N15,900
  • Oraimo Feather-2C In-Ear Neckband Wireless Bluetooth – OEB-E60DN – N11,000
  • Oraimo Necklace 3 Lite Sweat Proof Neckband – N15,000 
  • Oraimo OEB-E55D Feather Bluetooth Headphones – N11,990
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Conclusion: Best Oraimo Earpiece For listening to Music

Now that you are aware of the best Oraimo earpiece for listening to music. All you need to select is the one that suits your music needs as well as your budget.
You can get them at any of the places that we have recommended earlier in this article.
Meanwhile, we realized that other people are searching for the best Oraimo earpiece for music. Ensure that you use the social share buttons below so that this article can reach more people.
Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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