Man Behind 86FB Global Investment Scheme Unveiled!!!

Nigerians has over the last couple of months lost several billions to Fake Online investment platforms. Starting from November 2021 when one of the most popular Investment platforms Benigiant lost its covert, shortly after which Chinmark, Ovaiosa had their own share of the doom and just recently #86FB Global Investment which is the major reason for this post also went down the drain with a lot of investors stranded as they’re unable to withdraw their capitals and return on investment.

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86FB Global Investment owner Exposed
86FB investment WhatsApp group

Well, FujiNaija is glad to announce that the hands behind the #86FB Global Investment scheme is finally exposed!

His name? Charles Obuh who hides under the facebook persona “CharlesPower Obuh

Well, those that invested in the scheme may have been in contact with him in real life or via a WhatsApp group chat created with the number “+234 806 969 3259”

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Investors over the past week have suffered a lot as they had to stand several hours at the supposed office of #86FB hoping to get a whole or fraction of their invested sum.

86FB Owner exposed

However, a Facebook friend Ijegu Jacob Gbaji did the needful as a reputable citizen after Mr CharlesPower Obuh made an abusive post where he shamed the former for secretly joining a new crypto Exchange platform advertised by Mr Obuh.

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Nigerians are therefore mandated to gather as much evidence as necessary to help convict this criminal and save other innocent Nigerians from his other schemes which are not known to us at the moment.


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