‘Let us be wise’ – Actress, Bimbo Oshin reacts as people disregard social distancing

Following the ease of lockdown by H.E, Muhammadu Buhari, Nollywood actress, Bimbo Oshin has taken to Instagram to plead with Lagosians on how to prevent themselves from contracting coronavirus.
According to the TV goddess, people need to apply wisdom by observing social distancing just like Noah did in the bible. She added that if the outing is not necessary, people should stay back at home.
Read all she said below;
”When the FLOOD subsided after 40 days, Noah did not RUSH OUT. He sent a bird out and it was after the 3rd time the bird did not return that he knew it was TIME to STEP OUT.
This week, please do not join the multitude that will rush out because they are tired of staying at home.
Let us be wise like Noah to OBSERVE and keep on observing our hand hygiene, social distancing and stay inside your own ARK, OUR HOMES.if it not necessary for you to go out.
May we and our loved ones be preserved and protected from this pandemic in Jesus Christ mighty name amen.”

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