I.K. Dairo – Alabiyamo Eku Ewu

[goplayer audio=”https://fujinaija.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/IK_Dairo_-_Alabiyamo_Eku_Ewu-IK_Dairo.mp3″ name=”I.K. Dairo – Alabiyamo Eku Ewu” artist=”I.K. Dairo”]

Download I.K. Dairo – Alabiyamo Eku Ewu

I.K. Dairo – Alabiyamo Eku Ewu MP3 Download : Popular juju artist I.K. Dairo release a track which was titled I.K. Dairo – Alabiyamo Eku Ewu. The song is now available for free download on FujiNaija.

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Considered by many to be the “father of juju” for his many innovations, Isaiah Kehinde Dairo was born in Kwara State, Nigeria, in 1931. One story has it that his lifelong love of music stemmed from a drum that his father, a carpenter, made for him in his youth and that accompanied him wherever he went.
Download I.K. Dairo – Alabiyamo Eku Ewu

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