Fela Kuti Latest Mixtape – Naija @61

Download Fela’s Latest Mixtape

We the entire FujiNaija Media Team wish to share our joy as Nigeria, our motherland clocks 61 years!

It is a very good thing to live and watch our country grow and prosper, but we must not fail to remember those that gave it all for the betterment of the land of Nigeria and today, we are sharing with you one of the most beautiful memories of a Legend whose works knows has and will never have a dying day!

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Dear Daddy Fela Kuti!

“You may be dead, millions may have forgotten

but i and my generation are here saying thank you so very much for all you gave

for all you fought for and for the greater sacrifice you paid

May your soul continue to find peace in the Bosom of the almighty Allah”

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Download Fela Kuti’s Latest Mixtape below!

This will be a greatest gift from us to you as we celebrate Nigeria’s 61 Independence anniversary



Download Fela Kuti Mixtape

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