Masore Ekende Funmi – Aminat Ajao Obirere

Aminat Ajao Obirere Masore Ekende Funmi Free Audio Mp3 Download

Today FujiNaija brings you another wonderful Fuji Music. This time, it’s a song titled Masore Ekende Funmi by Aminat Ajao Obirere.

We all understand and recognize the powerful works done by Aminat Ajao Obirere and regard him as a highly respected Yoruba professional musician whose works has blessed so many souls across the Yoruba speaking tribes of Nigeria.

Masore Ekende Funmi by Aminat Ajao Obirere was released to encourage every Nigerian of the Yoruba tribe that there are better days ahead. That no matter what the country subjects us all to, we’re to never give up, anchor our hopes on the mighty one above

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Of course, here at FujiNaija, we are dedicated to giving you the most undiluted Fuji Yoruba Music. This we do by turning up the internet in search for the latest, oldest and most trendy Yoruba Music cos we know its the only thing that can make us happy as we go out there to hustle our daily bread.

How to Download Masore Ekende Funmi by Aminat Ajao Obirere

For the new ones in our circle, there is only one way to download songs here in FujiNaija.

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Quickly locate the Download link below each and every track on the platform including Masore Ekende Funmi by Aminat Ajao Obirere

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To enjoy Masore Ekende Funmi by Aminat Ajao Obirere kindly Click on “Download Now” Link below

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As you know, this is a Gospel song and a lot of Nigerians around the world love to begin their day by first praying in the morning with a worship song suitable to their Tongue! Kindly share this song with such ones to help them share the miraculous moment with the almighty

Nigeria popular Yoruba Islamic singer popularly known as Aminat Ajao debuts a brand single which was titled Masore Ekende Funmi, the song is now available for free download on fujinaija.

[goplayer audio=”″ name=”Masore Ekende Funmi” artist=”Aminat Ajao”]

Download Masore Ekende Funmi MP3 Now

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3 thoughts on “Masore Ekende Funmi – Aminat Ajao Obirere

  1. This lady is too talented.
    I too love ur songs,ur voice and ur beats?
    I gat only ur songs on my phone,
    I listened to no one selse except u
    May Allah continue to bless you.

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